Why It is Important To Have Indoor Plants | My Peaceful Land

The plants bring you harmony, peace. Seeing greenery and nature helps us feel more relaxed and calm, which enriches your everyday mood. To create your sanctuary of paradise you don’t need to have a garden or large space. You can easily build your paradise in the house, flat, balcony, terrace you name it, all you need is just a bit of imagination. In this article, we will share why it’s important to have indoor plants.

Before you fill a space with furniture and accessories take some time to think about how you want to feel in that room and how plants might help you to achieve it. 

You don’t even realize how indoor plants improve our everyday lives, from boosting our environment to helping us heal faster.

You’ll breathe better air

Adding indoor plants to your living space can increase oxygen levels. As you know when you breathe your body takes oxygen and releases carbon dioxide. During photosynthesis plants absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen. At night when photosynthesis stops most plants start absorbing oxygen and release carbon dioxide. Be cautious about which plants you are choosing for your bedroom. Also plants remove toxins from the air up to 87% in 24 hours. To help plants perform their best, keep leaves clean and free of dust.

They add more humidity to home   

Indoor plants can be used to increase the relative humidity indoors, plants release almost all the water they take in. Reduce noise and moderate room temperature by shading a bright sunny window. Dry air can lead to irritation in the lungs, leads to problems such a dry mouth, block nose, dry skin and overheat. Plants offer the perfect way to add humidity back into the air.

Improving health and boost your mental well being

Plants naturally helps to heal, just having them in the home can help to improve your mental health, people are happier, feel less boxed in the busy city life. Potting plants and look after them provide an opportunity to forget about anxiety, stressful things that may be going on in your daily life and helps to focus on the here and now. Then you are more relaxed you get a better sleep which boosts your immune system.

Increase your productivity  

Being surrounded by indoor plants at your workplace, you are less distractive you can more focus on the tasks by expending your concentration level. When you see the plant you’ll gain new inspiration and creativity. You really don’t need to create a jungle to gain these benefits it will work with a couple of plants that will give you a positive and cozy workplace. Being ‘under the influence of plants’ can increase memory retention by up to 20%, according to the University of Michigan study.  

You’ll fell a sense of accomplishment

Watching something grow and thrive based on your work, commitment, and dedication can be a positive way to start a healthy routine and feel a sense of accomplishment. Looking after your indoor plants is one way to generate excitement and connection with nature. It’s very important to show children how to take care of plants. Watching them of growing the children observe a transformation. A child can gain an understanding of his or her transformation from child to young adult.

So people don’t forget where we come from, that nature is part of our lives, being attached to the beauty you will find inner peace and the most important you will become a better person.

Thank you for reading.