Ideas for a coastal garden

Thinking of a coast brings you calmness, relaxation, and holiday joy. Missing those long stays by the seaside, mesmerized by a breathtaking sunset. A well-accomplished coastal garden tells of a beach not too far away and encourages you to kick off your shoes and settle in for a relaxing afternoon, enjoying that seaside vibes, at your own outdoor space. There’s more to designing a coastal garden than adding some gravel paths and a few native shrubs. Therefore, getting your garden the right layout is the first step to achieving the style. There is my tip on where to start. Proceed with reading to discover more of my ideas for coastal garden creation.


Looking at the architectural and natural elements of the seaside area, shacks and sheds are a great inspiration. They are very important on beaches in Britain, people paint them in a variety of colours. If you choose to paint your shed more than one colour, I would suggest fence paint. Possible colours could be white, pale ivory, or gardenia to create harmony and peace, not colorful chaos. Meaning that you should play more with a neutral color palette.


Materials will tie it all together, immaculate green grass and seaside gardens don’t go together, and if you are a green grass lover maybe this style is not for you. Moreover, look for materials that have texture and age as well as a natural pattern. Incorporate sandstone blocks and weathered timber as decking, seating, or steps. Placed naturally and combined with sand or gravel as a mulch, it gives the design an earthy feel.

Furniture and Accessories

A pair of beach chairs, a bench, a swing seat, or a hammock in between the trees. These are the perfect examples of coastal garden furniture. To enhance your own style, you could spice up your garden with accessories. If you have an old/broken surface board, don’t through them away, it could be a nice asset to your coastal garden. However, all sorts of things wash up ashore. This enables you to create a beachcomber feel in your seaside garden with recycled and vintage items or even souvenirs like shells, netting, and old rusty anchors.

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