How To Grow Rocket And Their Benefits

Rocket is an easy crop to grow which can add a spicy, peppery flavour to your salads. Also, they are rich in nutrients and can be harvested throughout most of the year. It’s one of the fastest-growing leafy greens and can be grown in any garden. In this article, we will share how to grow rockets, the nutrients, and the health benefits that can be gained from them.

How To Grow Rocket

If you want a long harvest sow outdoors from April-September. If sowing in August and September grow in a cool greenhouse or under a cloche or garden fleece. Rocket is not a picky crop, they will grow in any well-drained soil in a sunny site, and will tolerate partial shade. Sow thinly around 1cm deep 15cm(6in) apart.

Water regularly and keep the soil moist, especially in hot weather and dry spells. Rockets can be harvested for baby leaves and will be ready to harvest at full size after 6-7 weeks.

Nutrients And Health Benefits

Rockets are not only delicious, but they also contain many nutrients such as vitamins- C, K, A, and B-9. Minerals- Calcium, and potassium, also rockets contain antioxidants that support eyesight. In addition, rockets are known as particularly high in cancer-fighting agents.

How To Add To Your Diet

Rockets are delicious raw and can go with many meals and snacks alongside other greens. Try adding rockets to your sandwiches, pizza, wraps, rolls, pasta, and salads for an extra hint of pepper flavour.