How To Grow Mint And Their Benefits

Mint is one of the most popular aromatic herbs. Native to the eastern Mediterranean, mint is grown for its menthol flavour, and scent of the leaves. In the kitchen, fresh mint leaves are chopped up and added into recipes, or hot drinks. In this article we will share to grow mint, the nutrients, and health benefits that can be gained by adding this herb to your diet.

There are over 600 varieties of mint, spearmint, and curly mint being the most often grown to use in cooking and drinks. You can find other varieties of mint with intersting flavours and aromas. Here are some recommended varieties you should consider: ‘Chocolate’, ‘Curly’, ‘Strawberry’, and ‘Banana’.

How To Grow Mint

Sow seed outdoors and indoors in early spring. Grow mint in containers/pots in partial shade, mint will tolerate full sun, but its best to avoid hot, direct sun. Sow around 1cm deep in individual containers/pots. Mint prefers well-drained soil rich with organic material such as compost or manure. If you want to skip this whole process you can buy young mint plants in garden centers in spring.

Water mint regularly, keep soil evenly moist, especially during dry spells. When roots start to come out of the draining holes, transplant into a bigger container/pot. Alternatively, dig a hole outdoors big enough for the roots, place your mint and fill the rest of the hole with compost or manure. Fertilser is optional, but if you want the best results, feed with a multi-purpose liquid fertiliser when growth emerges.

Nutrients And Health Benefits

Mint contains some beneficial nutrients including vitamins A and B-9, fiber, rion, and manganese. In addition mint can improve irritable bowel syndrome, help relieve indigestion, improve brain function, decrease breast feeding pain, subjectivley improvescold symptoms, and may mask bad breath.

Mint is also easy to add to your diet, add fresh mint to hot water to make mint tea, make some detox water simply adding fresh leaves into it. You can also try mint soup, salads, smoothies, sauce. Try making mint oil, and mix water with mint oil and bake cakes, and other goods with it.