How To Grow Leeks And Their Benefits

Who wouldn’t like to go into their garden and see fabulously grown leeks, pick one and add it straight to your salad? Leeks are more organic, fresh, and delicious homegrown. Leeks are easy to grow but will need some looking after. In this article, we will share the best way to grow leeks, the nutrients, and the health benefits leeks offer.

Varieties of leeks

There are two main varieties of leeks: early season, and late season.

Early season leeks can be harvested 50-100 days after planting, depending on the variety, and tend to be smaller. Here are some early season varieties- ‘Columbus’, ‘Kind Richard’, and ‘Varna’.

Late season leeks can be harvested 120-180 days after planting, depending on the variety, and tend to have stronger flavour and stalks. Here are some late-season varieties- ‘Giant Musselburgh’, ‘Bandit’, and ‘Titan’.

How To Grow Leeks

Sow leek seeds indoors 6-10 weeks before the last frost in spring, then move the seedling outdoors when the leeks grow 3-4 inches tall. if you want a harvest in autumn or winter, sow directly outdoors, about 12 weeks before the first frost. Leeks can be planted in the ground, containers/pots, or in raised beds.

Leeks thrive in temperatures between 12°-23°C, can tolerate hot weather, but growth will be slowed. They can also tolerate snow and cold temperature once matured. Sow leek seeds 1cm deep, 4-6 inches apart in slightly acid, well-drained, soil rich in organic matter e.g. manure, fertile compost with a pH between 6.0-6.8.

Water regularly, keep the soil evenly moist, to make the length of the white stem increase, draw the soil up around the stem in stages. Fertiliser is optional, but if you want the best results, use a high in nitrogen fertiliser.

Nutrients And Health Benefits

Leeks are rich in nutrients, they contain vitamins- C, A, K-1, B-9, and B-6. Minerals- Manganese, copper, and iron. They are also packed with beneficial plant compounds and antioxidants.

In addition, leeks may reduce inflammation, promote heart health, and may aid in weight loss. Also, leeks can help protect from certain cancers, promotes healthy digestion, may lower blood sugar levels, promote brain function, and help fight infections. In the long term, you don’t understand

How To Add To Your Diet

Leeks are super easy to add to your diet, you can almost use them as onions. Add to meat, salads, soups, stews, roast them, add them to pasta, rice, add them on your pizza, etc. There are many ways to make leeks part of your diet, just be creative, and experiment, in the end, you might find your new favourite dish.