How To Grow Corn And Their Benefits

Corn is deliciously eaten fresh from your garden and is an extremely popular vegetable. Corn is really easy to grow. In this article, we will share how to grow corn, the nutrients, and health benefits that they can provide.

There are many varieties of corn to choose from. In fact, there are far more colours than I even imagined. You can find red, scarlet, magenta, yellow, pink, orange, bright blue, dark blue, light blue, black, brown, maroon, purple, white, and cream coloured corn, it’s insane. Here are some recommended, varieties to grow: ‘Swift F1’, ‘Lark F1’, ‘Glass Gem’, ‘Earlibird ‘, and ‘Silver Queen’.

How To Grow Corn

Sweetcorn is grown best in long hot summers and is best planted when the soil temperature is around 15°C(60°F) or at least 10°C(50°F). Sow indoors from mid-March-early May when the temperature is between 18-21°C(65-70°F) in deep pots/containers. If you want you can sow directly outdoors late spring/early summer, usually a couple of weeks after the last frost, depending on what region, you may have different dates.

Sow corn seeds 2.5cm(1in) deep, 5-10cm(2-4in) apart, in short, side-by-side rows to form a block, as sweetcorn is wind-pollinated, plants should be grown in blocks rather than rows. Once plants are 10-15cm(4-6in) tall, thin plants 18-24in apart. Plant corn in full sun. Corn grows best in loose, well-drained, well-worked soil, fertile compost, or well-rotted manure. Water regularly, try to keep soil evenly moist to avoid wilting. Avoid overhead watering when tassels appear, can reduce the number of kernels on a cob. Fertilisers are optional, but if you want the best results, feed with a high nitrogen fertiliser.

Nutreints And Health Benefits

Sweetcorn is full of nutrients, they contain vitamins B-5, B-9, B-6, C, E, and A. Minerals Potassium, iron, zinc, magnesium, phosphorus, copper, and manganese. In addition, corn contains many other beneficial plant compounds. Not to mention corn can be beneficial for eye health, and help prevent diverticular disease.

How To Add To Your Diet

Corn can be added to so many dishes. Try adding corn, to salads, various meats, tuna, pasta, rice, sandwiches, rolls, dips, eat raw, roast it and have it as a side, etc.