How To Get Rid Of Caterpillars In Your Garden | My Peaceful Land

To a normal eye caterpillars (larvas) are insects that live on plants and turn into beautiful butterflies that fly around your garden. The reality of these insects is, that they are one of the biggest pests for most vegetables. Caterpillars are very hungry leaf-eating worms and can quickly destroy many of your plants without you even noticing. In this article, we will share how caterpillars damage your garden, and 5 simple ways to lower the amount/ get rid of them.

Caterpillars will eat all your tomato plants, heads of broccoli, cauliflower, and cabbage. If you have a caterpillar problem, read this article and you’ll find out all the most effective ways to get rid, and repel these hungry worms. Once the caterpillar goes through its metamorphosis stage it turns into a beautiful butterfly. Most butterflies prefer sipping nectar from any flower it can access depending on the length of the butterfly’s tubelike tongue, called a proboscis.

When the caterpillars go through its metamorphosis stage, the leaf-eating is not over yet. some species of butterflies live up to nine months, but the average life of a butterfly is around two weeks. A female butterfly dies after it lays al its eggs, they mate once in their lifetime, laying up to 100 eggs. That’s a lot of baby caterpillars, although many may not survive because they’re defensive and natural predators are always looking. A caterpillar infestation is one of the biggest problems for farmers.

1. Natural Predators

Caterpillars are primary food sources for numerous birds(warbler, manager, and canopy dwelling). If you can make a bird-friendly environment e.g. build birdboxes, have of twiggy bushes and trees near your garden, birds will most likely inhabit themselves and take care of the caterpillars. Ladybirds and yellow jackets also eat caterpillars.

2. Soapy Water

This does not kill the caterpillars or hurt them, and it doesn’t damage the plants. This makes the leaves slippery so the caterpillars simply slip off and cannot eat the leaves. Mix a tablespoon of liquid soap into a bottle of warm water and spray it on the affected leaves.

3. Water And Vinergar

This is a very effective way to get rid of caterpillars. Mix a 50-50 water and vinegar solution and spray it on the caterpillars and the baby eggs, a vinegar solution will help get rid of caterpillars.

Vinegar and water solution can be used as a natural pesticide to get rid of many different types of pests e.g. slugs, snails and ants.

4. Trest Your Plants with Bt(Bacillus Thuringiensis)

Bt(Bacillus Thuringiensis) is a natural bacteria that is found in soil, this is a bacterial disease and biological control that only affects caterpillars and is most effective on baby caterpillars so if there’s any hatched caterpillars they will die quickly. soak your plants every 3-5 days until your caterpillar population is controlled.

5. Remove Caterpillars By hand

An easy way to get rid of caterpillars any other insects, simply walk around your garden, and if you spot a caterpillar, pick it up and either squish it or throw it on your neighbor’s tomatoes, and good luck for them.

Thank you for reading