Best Winter Flowers To Plant And Grow

Winter is one of the toughest seasons for our garden to the uninformed. Colder temperatures, less sun, plants drop their leaves and go dormant, although some plants and flowers prefer the colder season. Lucky for you we will make sure your garden is looking just as vibrant in the winter as it would in the summer. In this article, we will share our opinion on the best winter flowers to plant and grow in your garden…


These flowers are essential to have in your winter garden. Pansies bring many vibrant colour choices and patterns to add to your flower collection. They will thrive in little pots filled with well-draining fertile soil, in full or partial sun, but need cooler temperatures. Pansies will grow between 15-22.5cm(6-9in) and will spread 22.5-30cm(9-12in). There are many varieties of pansies, but here are some of our recommended varieties to grow: ‘Blck Accord’, ‘Delta Rose Surprise’, ‘Inspire Deluxxe’, ‘WonderFall’, and ‘Nature Orange’.

Winter Jasmine

Winter Jasmine is an ornamental plant and is a wonderful choice to fill your garden with pure yellow colour. Flowers start blooming in January and will bloom throughout the rest of the winter. Winter Jasmine will thrive in well-drained, fertile soil in full sun, and the rest of the work the plant does itself. This plant will grow up to 15 feet tall if supported, if not they will average at about 4 ft tall.


This flower is a common selection in the winter garden. Camellias bloom beautiful pink and red flowers throughout late August, Winter, and Spring. There are over 3000 varieties, with different colours, shapes, and sizes. Camellias will thrive in well-draining fertile soil, placed in partly shaded spots with morning sun. Camellias will often reach between 6-10ft tall and spread 5-7ft wide. Here are some recommended varieties of Camellia to grow: ‘Bonnie Marie’, ‘E.G. Waterhouse’, ‘Snow Flurry’, ‘Debbie’, and ‘Water lily’.


Crocus is a popular and hardy flower that will bloom from mid-winter to late spring. These beautiful purple, white and yellow flowers will fill your winter garden with joy and a mellow winter feeling. Grow your Crocus flowers in moist, well-draining, fertile soil, placed in full sun. Crocus can grow between 3-5 inches tall allowing little Crocus flowers to poke through the snow. Here are some recommended varieties to grow: ‘Snow Crocus’, ‘Ard Schenk’, ‘Saffron’, and ‘Pickwick’.


Hellebores are the ideal winter flowers for raised beds and hanging baskets as their flowers hang downwards. These beautiful flowers will bloom throughout the cold winter season and will please the eye with their colourful petals. Hellebores will thrive in organic, well-draining soil and prefer partial to full shade. These flowers tend to grow to about 45cm(18in) tall. Here are some recommended varieties to grow: ‘Double Ellen’, ‘Anna’s Red’, ‘Lenten Roses’, and ‘Chrismas Rose’.

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Domas A.