Best Summer Flowers To Plant And Grow

Summer can be the blossom or downfall of your garden with its high intensity of heat and lack of humidity. Longer days and more exposure to the sun can impact your garden by destroying your plants if not careful. Taking this into consideration, it is vital to pick out the flowers that will not only look the nicest but also thrive under high temperatures. Within this article, you will find out our top 7 recommended Fowers to plant and grow during the summer season.


This beautiful perennial, will excite any garden and bring a hint of romance with its fragrant purple flowers. Lavender will thrive in full sun, but will also please the eye during other seasons with its silver foliage. In addition, Lavender attract bees, which are will help pollination. Lavender grows to 60cm(24in), therefore you should consider growing Lavender in open soil or plant beds. There are many varieties of Lavender to choose from, but we advise you to try ‘Lavandula Intermedia’ and ‘Lavandula Stoechas’.


These aesthetically pleasing flowers that resemble roses are a must-have in your new summer gardens. Plant during spring for blossom during the summer. Ranunculus will brighten your garden with its range of colours. They typically grow 20-30cm(8-12in) tall, so they will happily thrive in hanging baskets, plant pots, or raised sunbeds. When growing Ranunculus, make sure it receives full sunlight to reach its potential. Here are some varieties we recommend- ‘Hanoi’, ‘Purple Picotee’, ‘Cloni Dark Orange, and ‘Amandine Rose’.


This annual favourite is an essential that will bring a wonderful orange, sunshine colour to your garden. In addition, Marigolds will attract butterflies, ladybugs, and bees to your garden, which is what you think of when you think summer. Marigolds emit a strong scent that will repel black flies and aphids, which will come very beneficial alongside any plants of your choice. Marigolds are simple to grow, will bloom for about 8 weeks, and will grow 15-45cm(6-18in) tall. Here are some recommended varieties to grow: ‘Little Hero’, ‘Bounty’, ‘Queen Sophia’, and ‘Safari Tangerine’.


These popular, breathtaking flowers will add the finishing touch to decorating your garden. Chrysanthemums come in many colours and are easy to grow with basic needs. These beautiful plants will grow up between 60-75cm(23-29in) depending on the variety. Plant during the spring to allow the roots to grow so you can enjoy them next year as well. There are hundreds of different varieties for this flour, but here are some for a different range in colour and shape:’Anemone’, ‘Pompom’, ‘Cushion’, and ‘Decorative’


These flowers will bring extra bright, vibrant colours to your garden to get that real sense of summer, and will attract pollinators. Zinnia needs full sun and will grow between 30-100cm(12-36in) tall. These beautiful flowers will delight your eye from summer all the way to October. Zinnia flowers look nice within cutting beds, pots at the front of borders. Here are some of our recommended varieties to try: ‘Swizzle’, ‘Sprite Mix’, ‘Queen Red Lime’, ‘Queen Lime’

Day Lily

Daylilies are very hardy and will grow without fuss in full sunlight. Their petals consist of beautiful colours and patterns and will look amazing when planted in masses. Daylilies will grow between 20cm-150cm(8-60in) depending on the variety and will bloom for 4-6 weeks. Here are some varieties we recommend: ‘Stoke Poges’, ‘Pink Damask’, ‘Berlin Red’ and ‘Burning Daylight’.


Fuchsias are a go-to summer flower that will thrive in the shade. Their eye-pleasing petal structure will compliment your garden. Their multi-coloured blossom will cheer up your summer days. Fuchsias can grow up to 150cm(60in) depending on the variety. there are hundreds of varieties, here are some you should consider: ‘Alice Hoffman’, ‘Phyllis’, and ‘Rapunzel’

Domas A.