Best Flowers To Grow For Bees

Flowers are essential for bees as they provide them with nectar, which bees use to produce honey and pollen. Honey and pollen are collected from spring till fall and used to serve as food during the winter. In return, flowers are pollinated so they can produce seeds and live on.

Bees have been declining in numbers for the past several years, but with our help, we can help the numbers increase. Bees are attracted to the color purple and prefer large, single open blooms. Here are our best recommendations of flowers to grow in your gardens for bees.


Bumblebees love this tall, beautiful, multi-flowering bloom. The tube-like shape of the flower allows the bees to crawl in and collect the nectar. The brightly coloured flowers and dark spots attract the bees. Foxgloves are especially attractive to long-tongued bees. Here are some recommended varieties to grow: ‘Dalmatian Purple’, ‘Pink Panther’, and ‘Foxlight Plum Gold’.


Lavender is a bee favourite, it’s a beautiful flower rich in sweet nectar. In addition, it is suggested that lavender is important to bees as it will continue to flower at the peak of summer when there is less foliage around. Bees are attracted to Lavender from the purple colour of the flower and the fragrance. Here are some recommended varieties to grow: ‘Lavandulas Stoechas’, ‘Lavandula Angustifolia Hidcote’, and ‘Lavandula Angustifolia’.


Buddleja is one of the best summer flowering plants for bees. Also known as the butterfly bush, this is another beautiful purple flower with masses of conical blooms. Here are some recommended varieties to grow: ‘Orchid Beauty’, ‘Panche’, ‘Peakeep’.


These tall purple columns of flowers are beautiful and also enjoyed by bees. They produce more flower stems each year and will invite bees into your garden. Here are some recommended varieties to grow: ‘Peaches ‘n’ Dreams’, ‘Halo Lavender’, ‘O Hara’.


These simple, multi-coloured beautiful flowers are one of the best plants for bees. Bees love cosmos flowers as they are so open and provide easy access to pollen. Here are some recommended varieties to grow: ‘Fizzy Pink’, ‘Picotee’, ‘Cupcakes’.

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