Best Evergreen Shrubs To Grow

So evergreen shrubs are one of the most important plants in your garden. They bring life to our winter landscapes, creating everlasting hedges, are used as a backdrop to borders, and much more. Evergreen shrubs have green foliage all year round, and some flower in the spring and produce beautiful berries. In this article. we will run through the best evergreen shrubs to grow in your garden.


Box is a very compact and popular evergreen shrub to grow. These plants are versatile and are commonly used as an evergreen fence and pruned into decorative shapes. Box plants thrive in well-draining soil in and partial shade. They are tolerant of deep shade and full sun, but if growing in full sun ensure that the soil is moist at all times.


Fatsia Japonica is an evergreen glossy-leaf paper plant. Natives of coastal woodlands in Japan, Korea, and Taiwan. These large, architectural plants are a must-have in urban areas due to their ability to tolerate atmospheric pollution. Fatsia will grow in almost all types of soil but avoid very wet/dry soil and in full sun/shade.


Every garden should have this iconic shrub. Lavender is grown for its beautiful fragrant flowers in shades of purple, blue or pink and its green-silver foliage. This is a perfect all-around plant, pleasing to the eye and many pollinators. These plants have good drought tolerance and will thrive in well-draining organic soil, and full sun.


This well-known Christmasy shrub was a favourite hedging tree due to its hardiness and prickly barrier all year round. Holly has beautiful dark green leaves and joyfully red berries which is a great addition to add to your garden. Holly plants prefer well-draining, sandy soil in full sun or partial shade.

Euonymus Fortunei

These versatile, low-maintenance, evergreen shrubs are popular for ground-cover, winter structures and used as ornamental plants. Euonymus has good tolerance to poor soil, coastal conditions, and deep shade. Grow this evergreen shrub in well-draining garden soil in full sun or spatial shade.

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