Best Autumn Flowers To Plant And Grows

Going into the Autumn season, many gardens experience dead leaves falling from trees, and your beautiful summer garden going into dormancy. The good news is that your garden can look just as colorful and vibrant with our top selection of Autumn flowers. We have done all the research into which flowers have a late bloom season and are irresistible for anyone who wants to make their garden a beautiful place to enjoy their days. Within this article, you will find out our top 5 recommended Fowers to plant and grow during the Autumn season.


This annual favorite is an essential that will bring a wonderful orange, sunshine color to your garden. In addition like Marigolds will attract butterflies, ladybugs, and bees to your garden, which are natural predators for your garden pests. Marigolds emit a strong scent that will repel black flies and aphids, which will come very beneficial alongside any plants of your choice. Marigolds are simple to grow, will bloom for about 8 weeks, and will grow 15-45cm(6-18in) tall. Here are some recommended varieties to grow: ‘Little Hero’, ‘Bounty’, ‘Queen Sophia’, and ‘Safari Tangerine’.

Toad Lily

These flowers are a must-have for your Autumn garden, not just for their eyecatching purple spotty petals but also due to their low requirements. Toad lilies thrive in organic, well-draining soil and a spot of shade. They will grow to about 30-90cm(12-36in) tall and bloom throughout autumn. Here are some of our recommended varieties to grow: ‘Common Toad Lily’, ‘Formosa’, ‘Tojen’, and ‘Tufted Toad Lily’

Black-Eyed Susan

This beautiful perennial is the perfect selection for Autumn flowers. Black-eyed Susan(Rudbeckia) will bloom golden-yellow flowers throughout summer and Autumn. They are easy to grow and don’t take a lot to maintain. Black-eyed Susan is drought-tolerant and will thrive in well-draining, fertile soil, in full sun. These flowers will grow between 60-90cm(24-36in) tall and 30-60cm(12-24in) wide. Here are some recommended varieties to grow: ‘Indian Summer’, ‘Hirta Monero’, ‘Maya’, ‘Prairie Sun’ and ‘Cherry Brandy’.

Oakleaf Hydrangea

These vibrant white flower clusters and oakleaf-shaped foliage will bring a beautiful sense of Autumn and relaxation to your garden. Although often targeted by spider mites, it isn’t a problem as they can easily be dealt with naturally and chemically. Oakleaf Hydrangea thrives in well-draining, fertile soil in full sun and will enjoy some evening shade. Oakleaf Hydrangea can grow up to 3.6m(12ft) but will tend to grow between 5-8ft tall, so make sure you have a nice amount of space for this flower. Here are some recommended varieties to grow: ‘Gatsby Moon’, ‘Snow Queen’, ‘Amethyst’, and ‘Gatsby Gal’.


This beautiful purple daisy-like flower is essential for your Autumn garden. Asters will bloom in blue, purple, and pink from the end of summer and throughout Autumn. These flowers aren’t high maintenance nor hard to grow. They will happily thrive in full sun, and well-drained, fertile soil. Aster flowers will also attract many pollinators such as bees, hummingbirds, and butterflies. Asters will grow anywhere between 12-72in(1-6ft) tall and 12-48in(1-4ft) wide. here are some recommended varieties to grow: ‘Celeste’, ‘Hazy’, ‘Puff’, and ‘First Snow’.

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