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Do Ants Cause Damage to your plants?

Garden ants rarely cause damage to plants. Garden ants like to nest in potted plants, any ant can cause damage if their colony is directly next to the root system. Their nests can cause bald patches and small hills in your lawn, which doesn’t look nice and stops the grass from growing properly.

Are Ants Beneficial For My Garden?

Most garden ants are actually beneficial to the garden. Garden ants can kill caterpillars, that eat all your plants, especially your tomatoes, broccoli, cauliflower, and cabbage without getting noticed. They tunnel over the same amount as earthworms do, aerating the soil and redistributing nutrients. Ants are also natural scavengers, by collecting dead insects and turning them into fertilizer for your soil.

Red ants

Fire ants bite only to get a grip and then sting and inject a toxic venom called solenopsin, which makes them unpleasant visitors to your garden. These ants are omnivores( they eat both animals and plants). Fire ants food preferences include a smorgasbord of plants, microscopic organisms, and like many other ants, eat the sweet liquids produced by special plant glans called nectaries, honeydew produced by sucking insects like aphids and sometimes feed on seeds. Fire ants can fatally damage some plants by tunneling through roots and stems.

Ants Protect Pest Insects

Ants protect and carry pest insects like aphids, which produce them honeydew, although most ants won’t damage your plants, but the aphids will. They help protect them from predators( ladybugs) and carry them onto multiple plants and end up destroying your garden so be careful.

How To Control Ants

1. Deadly Borax And Honey Solution– An effective and simple way to kill ants. First boil water and pour it any cup or bottle. Then add a couple of tablespoons of borax. Once it dissolves, to attract the ants, add a couple tablespoons of honey to the mixture, stir it and wait. After a couple of minutes, spray the solution, or pour it in a little bowl and place it near the anthill. After a couple of minutes, they will be all over it. Borax kills the ants slowly, so they have enough time to take it to their anthill and share out the poison. After a day the ants will be all dead.

2. Vinegar and water

If you see ants or know where the anthill is, take 50-50 vinegar and water solution and spray that over the ants/hill. White vinegar kills ants and also repels them. This method is the most effective and simplest way and can be used anywhere including indoors.

3. Pour Boiling Water On The Anthill

This will kill most to all ants in the anthill depending on how many times you repeat this procedure because ants build their nests to withdraw rain and flooding. Also this will only work if you know exactly where the anthill is. If the anthill is in a potted plant, hot water can kill beneficial microorganisms essential to plant growth and damage the shallow root system.

4. Get Rid Of Aphids And Other Sap Sucking Pests

This prevents ants from staying in your garden as there won’t be anyone to farm them honeydew so they will leave your garden in peace. Click this to find out how to get rid of aphids.

5. Sprinkle Artificial sweetener near the anthill/ants

This is a trap to the ant because they are attracted to sweet things, sprinkle some sweetener near the ants will be attracted to it. The ants will come to take it back to the anthill and once they have eaten it they will die.

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