How To Grow Blackcurrants And Their Benefits | My Peaceful Land

Blackcurrants are berries grown in Europe producing bunches of beautiful dark purple berries, that can be harvested during mid-summer. Blackcurrants are delicious, easy to grow, and very good for you, they are packed with vitamin C and other medical benefits. When fresh, they taste tart like a passion fruit with a dark berry flavor, and distinctly earthy. Dried blackcurrants are sweet like grapes with a raisin-like quality, and can be used in jams, pies, etc. Blackcurrants also blossom beautiful pink flowers during the months of April and May.

When And Where To Plant

The best time to plant is in the dormant season, November to March, but avoid periods when the soil is frozen or very wet. Containerized plants can be planted all year round. Blackcurrants tolerate a wide range of soil conditions, but prefer well-drained, moisture-retentive sites. They prefer full sun, If You are worried about sunlight, and can’t find much sunlight, don’t worry blackcurrants will tolerate light shade. If your soil is poor, Improve your soil with organic matter like compost, quickly achieved by putting off foods, fruits, newspapers, vegetable peels, etc in a wormery, the worms will eat everything and turn it into a rich in nutrients, homemade compost. You will be able to harvest from early summer(June) to early Autumn(September).

How To Plant

You will see blackcurrants for sale in three forms: bare-root stock (the roots are exposed), in containers(the plant has grown already in a container/pot), and seeds. Blackcurrants thrive in deep soil, so dig a generous planting hole or find a bigger pot.

Fertilizers are optional, if you decide to use fertilizer, use bonemeal, it’s a slow-release phosphorus fertilizer will do great for you blackcurrants, mix a little bone meal with some soil. Place a small layer of the soil and bone meal mixture in the bottom/top of each plant.

The main thing to do is water frequently while new plants are establishing. Also water during dry periods in the growing season. Avoid hoeing near the base of bushes because the hoe might cut through new shoots developing at the base, the best thing to use is a normal watering can, or sprinkler if possible.

Nutrients And Health Benefits Of Blackcurrants

Blackcurrants are rich in nutrients, they contain Vitamins C, A, B-5, B-6, B-1, and E. They also contain anthocyanins, polyphenolic substances, antioxidants, gemma-linolenic acid(GLA). Blackcurrants boost your immune system, help your blood flow, increase gut, kidney, and heart health, and improves eye function.

How To Add Blackcurrants To Your Diet

Black currents are delicious and you can make many things with them including, smoothies, ice lollies, juices, jams, pies, teas, wine, deserts, icecreams, sauce, milkshakes, etc. The best thing is that they will cost minimal and give maximal rewards.