Hello, my name is Egidijus, a Greek name, meaning ”The Protector”. I’ve decided I will be protecting our Planet. I am protecting it in my own little ways, and feel joyful about it. To me, this is a big mission with so many small little steps, simple steps. The more simple steps I follow the more complex picture I draw. I found along the way of walking the road I have chosen, that my life has become calmer, I see things differently, adapted a positive attitude. Just Win-Win-Win to every creature on the planet who crosses my road.

The problem I face: I can only live on one road at a time. And not a lot of creatures cross my road. Apart from hundreds of thousands of worms who happily shred my green waste and give me nutritious compost as a thank you for looking after them. Scruffy London foxes, cats, mouses, birds, butterflies, bees, ants, all the bugs and microorganisms supporting me on the journey I chose. So I hope, you are going to join me too. To do little things at the time, to grow yourself, others, and slowly develop your inner nature. Let’s do it…

And my name is Laura and we are originally from Lithuanian currently living in England. The more I educated my self, the more I understand how is important to have a connection with mother nature. Just simple walking dogs in the forest helps me to put my thoughts together, see clear visions, unwind, and always brings a smile to my face.

Who am I? I would say a crafting girl, who loves to create something beautiful out of nothing. What do I mean by nothing? That’s what the people call old, unuseful, or broken. I love giving them a second life by creating something magnificent and by helping the environment along the way. I am passionate about little DIY (do it yourself) projects. When it comes to season, from flower bouquets to home decorations. That’s why I joined my partner to walk the road together and see where to lead off.